The Sketchbook explores how and why architects design a certain way, through working with teachers, pupils, local authorities and governing bodies on the importance of how good design influences behaviour.

We designed a strongly conceptualised publication with handwritten type and a unique feel to each page, illustrated with examples of work by architects and other design related professionals.

The book was printed using vegetable inks on recycled stock and bound like a notebook. 


The British Council for School Environments (BCSE) was the UK's leading charity in education, design and construction. An educational charity and membership organisation made up of schools, local authorities, and companies.

We were asked to produce a new logo and package for BCSE to work alongside the Schoolworks Charity, to design their literature, consult on website design, exhibitions and setting up of word templates for their communications material.




The School Works project was a major education initiative organised by The Architecture Foundation and funded by the Arts Council.

The project explored the following challenges: Millions of pounds are invested in schools annually. However, many schools remain torn, dilapidated, unloved places. How might improvements in secondary school buildings enhance educational achievement?

Launched at the House of Commons, this 32 page brochure works in conjunction with The Sketchbook to show visual case studies of how well designed architecture can create amazing, inspired schools for all who teach or learn in them. We designed alternating pages of clean layouts with plenty of white space alongside strong colour and bold typography to break up the sections and act as a background to the key message pages.