The Architect’s Guide to Effective Self-Presentation

146 page book guiding readers through the process of thinking through, prioritizing, characterizing and expressing architectural career profiles in written and visual forms.

Using extensive visual case studies from individual architectural practices, the book provides an exciting and stimulating guide for the reader.

Developing your design process

234 page book exploring how and why architects design. The text examines the spark of imagination that leads to a strong concept.
The book is illustrated throughout with many international examples of work by professionals and students in the discipline of architecture, and other related design professions.‚Äč


Routledge is the world's leading academic publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences publishing thousands of books and journals each year, serving scholars, instructors, and professional communities worldwide. Their current publishing program encompasses groundbreaking textbooks and premier, peer-reviewed research in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Built Environment, Education and Behavioral Sciences. 

Routledge have commissioned us to design a number of high profile books on Architecture and Architectural theory for them.

Through 12 case studies from Australia, Bangladesh, Haiti, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and the USA, this 154 page book focuses on the housing reconstruction process after an earthquake, tsunami, cyclone, flood or fire.

The images supplied for the book were of varying levels of quality having come from a variety of sources, and most needed  a fair amount of colour optimising to ensure that they reflected the high quality of the content.